fucked in the head

i really wanted this to work..sigh..

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🌿 Instagram: @dxlldrxps 🌿
When you have cancer, people send flowers; when you lose your mind, they don’t.
Elyn R. Saks, The Center Cannot Hold  (via bevare)

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I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on taking a photo

Crim3s and crystal castles at squat party


How are these lyrics and not just what someone would say to someone watching a Horror movie with them

it is la dispute do not question

“A 90ish old male that was having a bath. He had something that looked like an oversized element from a kettle to help with keeping the water hot. Unfortunately he died and was in the bath for over 2 weeks with the water almost boiling. What you see on the left of the picture are his legs. When the guys took hold of his legs to try and get some of him out of the bath all they got was a bone as it simply slid out of the flesh. The following day the cleaners came in and scooped up almost 50kg of goop that made up his body. If you look closely at the picture you can just make out the shape of a body.”

that is so sad
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